A series of 8 questions with violist, Sevilya Hendrickx

What place were you born and where do you live now?

SH I was born in Tashkent, it’s the capital city of Uzbekistan which is located in Central Asia.

What is your favourite era/genre of music to perform?

SH It’s a difficult choice, I love baroque music, but being a romantic person myself I would say late romantic composers are my favorite to listen to and modern classical music is my favorite to play.

Who are your musical influences and what do you love about their music?

SH I don’t have musical influencers at the moment, I am inspired by art in general. Ancient and modern philosophers and guru’s have a significant impact on my personality, therefore indirectly they have an influence on my musical approach and ideas.

Your favourite food (only one!)

SH I won’t be able to name just one type of food I enjoy. I’ll go with a drink instead. In this case my choice is very clear, it’s champagne!

Your most memorable performance? Where were you and who were you performing with and why was it memorable?

SH  I have a very memorable and dear to my heart performance memory , but I’ll like to keep it to myself. it makes it even more memorable and precious, because the memory belongs to me only. I do have second most memorable performance I’d love to share. It was at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. I’ve made a decision to resign, because I could no longer combine my life in Canada with my career in the Netherlands. I played the last concert with my former orchestra. At that moment no one else knew about my decision. I remember the bitter sweetness of that performance.  If you ever done something consciously aware that it’s the very last time for you to enjoy it, you know exactly the feeling that I am trying to describe. 

Something unique or unusual about you.

SH  I am very interested in different cultures, traditions, languages. I gravitate toward non traditional knowledge as well, such as Numerology, Symbolism etc.

How long have you been a performer?

SH My parents are musicians, I’ve been back stage and on the stage as long as I can remember.

What are you most looking forward to about performing with VIS this year?

SH  I’ve played with many orchestras in different parts of the world. There is something very special about VIS. It’s very welcoming, non judgmental and very encouraging group of individuals. I am not talking about orchestra members only, but everyone who contributes towards VIS existence. It’s a great joy to perform and work with the people who wish you nothing but the best, so I greatly appreciate moments spent with them.

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