A series of 8 questions with VIS Concertmaster, Calvin Dyck

What place were you born and where do you live now?

CD  I was born in Vancouver and I now live in Abbotsford.

What is your favourite era/genre of music to perform?

CD I really love the great classics from the Romantic Era.

Who are your musical influences and what do you love about their music?

CD Itzhak Perlman was my favourite violinist. I still love the beauty of his tone, and his captivating musicality.

Your favourite food (only one!)

CD Quaker Oats with raisins and brown sugar and milk – I make it every day for breakfast!

Your most memorable performance? Where were you and who were you performing with and why was it memorable?

CD At 12 years old playing “Thais Meditation” in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver. It was right then that I knew I was meant to be a violinist.

Something unique or unusual about you.

CD In my spare time I run a 25 acre Christmas Tree Farm in Mission.

How long have you been a performer?

CD Since the age of 12.

What are you most looking forward to about performing with VIS this year?

CD I am never more fully alive than when I am letting the music of the Masters flow through me and my violin to move the hearts of the audience. It is a thrill.

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