Eveline O’Rourke

Eveline O’Rourke volunteered with the Vancouver Island Symphony as Volunteer Coordinator twenty-five years ago. Under the baton of Founding Artistic Director and Conductor Marlin Wolfe, the orchestra rehearsed in a school gym and performed at the St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church. Twenty-four volunteers were needed for each concert, not only to usher, but to patrol the many doors and floors of the building. Everyone wondered how many concert goers would show up – the first concert sold out! Eveline was the second President of the Board of Directors, helping the orchestra build its community presence. The orchestra performed for the opening of the Port Theatre in 1998. It was exciting to hear the opening trumpet fanfare played from the balcony. At last the VIS had a home. After 25 years, Eveline is grateful that the Vancouver Island Symphony continues its success with Pierre Simard at the podium.

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