April 22,, 2017  |  7:30pm  |  Port Theatre
TPrepare to be blown away! A show of truly Epic proportions featuring original, movie trailer-style compositions by VIS Artistic Director Pierre Simard, in an audio-visual chronological journey through mankind’s life-changing Inventions (along with a tribute to the Inventors!). Vocal power, huge drums, hybrid orchestral music fused with conductor-controlled synths pave the way to a world of sound unlike any you’ve ever experienced live!

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EVERY HUMAN BEING HAS A SPIRIT - a free will enabling us to think, feel, create, love and enjoy MUSIC. For its 22nd season, the Vancouver Island Symphony offers you an exploration of the musical spirit over four centuries of glorious melodies and harmonies!

We intend on capturing the essence of the act of music-making; this magnificent gesture where a thought is translated and transformed by a musician's body and received by the audience's senses. We bring passion, power, commitment to this universal language of music, through our voices and instruments. Our chosen repertoire reflects the beauty of our home on Vancouver Island, as captured throughout this season in photographs by Dirk Heydemann; both become an inspiration for lifting our spirit.

You are invited to a season where music is the principal character, the main dish, the centrepiece, the toast of the town! Great composers from past and present will entice you to a true spiritual experience - with live performance from your own virtuoso VIS and their guests. There is something for everyone: from baroque to rock, from Europe to Canada, from romantic to epic!

Experience the thrill of live symphonic music, and join your VIS for this amazing celebration of the musical human spirit! Welcome to all!

Pierre Simard , Artistic Director



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